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Welcome! You found my new blog:)

I thought I hid this a lot better...

Congrats on being here! I thought this would be a fun idea to share my thoughts and opinions on things that don't matter to anyone else but me... and maybe you. In the super fun, extravagant, death-defying, whirlwind of a blog I have here, I'll probably just talk about movies and shows and what the entertainment industry is like and what my cats have been digging their claws into lately. If that's what you're into, you've come to the right place!

If you're not interested in any of that, get out of here. Go. Leave. I have an entire website full of other, more important things that you're more likely to enjoy. So Scram.

Well, I don't know how much more of an intro you're looking for, dear reader/internet void. Like I said, if you want to know more about me... check out the rest of the website you're on...

Until next time!


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Kyle B
Kyle B
01 mars 2023

imma gonna win. wahhh ha ha

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